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The following books are books I have found extremely thought provoking as well as entertaining.


The "Left Behind" series

by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

This series is absolutely amazing! Each book is better than the previous! The series is based on what the Bible has to say about the return of Jesus Christ to the earth, the seven years of tribulation that follow, and His final return to rule the earth. The characters are believable, the plot lines are suspenseful and exciting. This series is good for non-believers as well, because of how thought-provoking the topic is. I simply can't say enough good about this series!

In His Steps

by Charles Sheldon

One of the best books I have read! It is so inspiring! Although it is fiction, it is easy to imagine this is a true story. One small church is inspired to do as Jesus would do in every area for a year. Several members pledge to do this, along with their pastor. Their lives drastically change as the power of God is at work as never before.

This book was the inspiration behind the "What Would Jesus Do?" movement.



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