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The books listed below are books that I have found tremendously helpful in my personal emotional healing and growth. I do NOT recommend these books for those who don't take their walk with the Lord very seriously, as many of these books contain intense subject matters.

The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate

by Gary Chapman

This wonderful book teaches the reader about how people give and receive love differently. According to the author, there are 5 basic love languages- quality time, acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation and physical touch. He explains how to detect your and your mate's love languages. Very good read!


by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend

This book teaches the values of having healthy personal boundaries, and respecting the boundaries of others. This book changed my life!

This book is also the first in a series of equally wonderful books, such as "Boundaries In Marriage".

Safe People

by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Towsend

An awesome book that teaches the reader how to discern toxic people, and how to become a safe person for others in your life.

Who's Pushing Your Buttons?

by Dr. John Townsend

This was really an affirming book for me! It showed the how's and why's behind people who irritate me, and that when people irritate me, it isn't always them purposely being out to hurt me. Sometimes it's MY issue! It also shows helpful tips for helping to change the button pusher into someone who is safer.

Love Must be Tough

by Dr. James Dobson

This book was written primarily for those whose marriages have been affected by adultery, but it contains relevant information for those of us whose marriages haven't faced such trauma. It shows how truly loving someone means wanting what is best for them, even when it means making that person face consequences of their bad actions.

The Lady, Her Lover And Her Lord

by Bishop T.D. Jakes

This book is awesome reading, for both single and married women. It shows the reader how to become content with herself, how to be a great wife (or future wife for the single ladies), and how to have a completely fulfilling relationship with her God.

Woman Thou Art Loosed!

by Bishop T.D. Jakes

Another lovely book by our favorite Bishop, this book helps the reader to be loosed from the pain of past abuse that is affecting her life, even many years later.

Ancient Paths

by Craig Hill

This book is simply awesome, but not for the immature Christian! Learn how to conquer pain of the past and difficulties of the present with this wonderful book that gets to the root of issues.

Marriage: Covenant Or Contract

by Craig Hill

A wonderful book on marriage that shows how God sees our marriages. They aren't to be tossed aside easily, but cherished and worked through.

Beauty For Ashes

by Joyce Meyer

Mrs. Meyer was sexually and verbally abused for the first part of her life, yet she learned how to overcome the pain of that abuse by reading God's word. She teaches the reader to overcome that pain as well.

Help Me, I'm Married!

by Joyce Meyer

An enjoyable read on making the most of your marriage. Includes personal experiences and pictures from worldwide preacher, Joyce Meyer. She tells it like it is, and tells of her own struggles. Who could want more from a preacher?

How To Succeed At Being Yourself

by Joyce Meyer

Another great book... this one teaches how to stop being a people pleaser, and how to be the person God intended you to be.

Knowing God Intimately

by Joyce Meyer

Learn how to know not only what God can do for you, but who He is- a loving Father who wants a close relationship with each of his children.




Manage Your Emotions

by Joyce Meyer

Another great book by Mrs. Meyer, that helps the reader give God control over his/her life instead of emotions.

Root Of Rejection

by Joyce Meyer

Many people with troubles in their daily lives have a root of rejection, due to being abused by parents, teachers, etc. This book shows the reader how to conquer this debilitating stronghold.

The Battle Belongs To The Lord

by Joyce Meyer

A fantastic book that reminds the reader to trust in God, who is our Defender and Protector. Great for building one's faith during trying times.

Christian Men Who Hate Women

by Dr. Margaret J. Rinck

This book covers the seldom discussed topic of misogyny. What is that? Simply put, it is men who hold a disdain and hostility towards women. Not all misogynists beat their wives on a daily basis- most harbor much more subtle behaviors, such as snide criticisms, angry outbursts or sulking in silence, insistence on being in complete control of a couple's finances, sex life, home, etc. and even changing the rules constantly so the wife is forever walking on eggshells. The root of this behavior stems from the man's mother- an extremely passive or dominant mother will often have a son who grows into a misogynist.

This topic is so much more than just simple "male chauvinism," and I highly recommend this book to every married or looking to be married woman!



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