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The following books are quite entertaining, with varying subject matters. Like I said, I have very eclectic tastes in reading material.

"Outlander" series

by Diana Gabaldon

A fantastic series full of real history, adventure, intrigue and romance. Claire Randall stumbles across a way to travel from 1945 to 1745 via a stone circle in Scotland.  There, she is captured, and forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a dashing young warrior.    They fall in love, and travel the world together. There are too many more wonderful details than I can include in this brief summary.   Each book is quite long, but unlike many long books, this series will keep you glued to every page!   Men, this series isn't just for the ladies!   The adventure in this series will keep you glued to the pages as well!

Titles of books in this series: "Outlander"; "Dragonfly In Amber"; "Voyager"; "Drums of Autumn"; "Fiery Cross"; "Breath of Snow and Ashes." More to come.

Anything by William Shakespeare

What can I say about Shakespeare?  His plots are always gripping, characters fascinating, and all written in such elegant, beautiful language! 

Anything by Victoria Holt

Lovely writings! Her gothic books contain suspense, mystery and a hint of romance in various Victorian era settings.

"Midnight Pleasures"

by Amanda Ashely, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Maggie Shayne and Rhonda Thompson

Four short stories of paranormal romance.  Very good reading!   I'm not usually a fan of reading romance books- I'd rather experience the romance than read about it!- but some paranormal romance stories intrigue me.  This was my first book from this genre, and it got me hooked!

"The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries- from the private journal of the Rev. Robert Kirk"

by John Matthews

A perfectly charming book!   Rev. Kirk was a minister in Scotland in the 1600's.   He claims to have spent time in the faery realm (a very common part of Scottish culture), and this book is based on his notes regarding that time with the faeries.   It's a lovely, light read.

"Choose Your Own Adventure" series

by various authors

I was about seven years old when these children's books came out in the late 1970's, but I still love them!   There are somewhere around 200 in the entire series, all on different subjects, but the basic premise is the same- you read a little of the story, then you are given choices as to what you want your character to do next.  You can read the same book several times without repeating the story.  Lots of fun, even for adults!


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