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Important Information For Contributors


The information you contribute to this book will NOT be used for profit. It will be made available for free to help encourage other survivors of abuse.

Your privacy is very important to me. When you email me your story for inclusion in this book, please use fake names to protect your identity and that of your abuser(s). I will use whatever names are included in the information you send me when I include your story in the book.

When you send me your story, I will edit it. I will do my best to maintain your voice, only "prettying up" what you send me to make it look better to our readers, changing punctuation, grammatical or spelling errors. I do not think it is right to take someone's story that they worked hard on, and change it so much, their voice is lost.

Do not feel as if you have to be completely healed for your story to be included in this book! I have found people relate best to stories that are real, and down to earth.  Most people are reassured when reading someone's story who is still struggling, because it lets them know that they aren't alone, they are OK for not being 110% healed.

***If you have any questions, feel free to email me at CynthiaBaileyRug@aol.com. I will respond as quickly as possible.***

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