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Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Bracelets

I have seen the need for quite some time for raising awareness of narcissistic abuse and its devastating effects.  There is no narcissistic abuse awareness ribbon or month.  I created The Butterfly Project in the hopes of helping to raise awareness.  As prevalent as narcissistic abuse is, many people who have not been directly subjected to it do not understand this insidious type of abuse exists, let alone the severity of the abuse.  Victims are invalidated and often shamed for "allowing" what happened to them to continue to bother them even years after the abuse has ended.  

Narcissism is rampant in society today.  There are victims in every walk of life.  They need to be heard and understood.  They need compassion and encouragement, not the ignorance and invalidation they often receive.  

By creating these bracelets, I hope to offer victims these very things that they need.

Butterflies are a beautiful symbol of transformation.  I think they are the perfect symbol for those who have endured narcissistic abuse.  Like butterflies, they too spend time in a dark, lonely place.  They survived that awful place and emerge a different, yet beautiful, creation.  

These bracelets can serve as a reminder for victims that they are strong- they survived something pretty terrible.  That is no easy feat!  The bracelets also may help to open doors for discussing narcissistic abuse.

The bracelets are just over 7.5" long, and made from silver plated steel.  The butterfly charm is approximately 1/2" wide by just over 1/3" tall, and made from silver plated brass.  The cost is $10 with free shipping to any address in the lower United States.  You can email me if you live outside the lower US, and I will get back to you with a price including shipping to your area.

They can be purchased via Paypal here:



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