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Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

by Dr. Karyl McBride

All about the pain of growing up with a narcissistic mother. A very informative read, and the best book I have read on this topic! If your mother lacks empathy for you, is critical and controlling, has to be the center of attention, manipulative and believes herself to be overly important, she may have narcissistic personality disorder.

The Post Traumatic Disorder Relationship

by Diane England

I purchased this book to help my husband, yet I think it has helped me even more. It offers a great deal of information on PTSD including symptoms and treatment.  It also offers many very good suggestions for the spouse of someone with PTSD.   Not only when it comes to being a caregiver, but also ways they can take care of themselves too, so they don't burn out.  The book is a very easy read, yet very informative.

Victorian Social Graces

by Linda S. Lichter

A lovely book detailing everyday life during the Victorian era.   It is simply amazing how much life has changed in the years since that era ended.  Unfortunately, in many ways, life has not changed for the better.

Manassas: a Place of Passages

by Kathleen Mulvany

I may technically be a Maryland native, but my heart has always belonged in Virginia, where my father's family is from.   This book is a joy to anyone else who loves the town of Manassas as much as I do.  It is full of interesting history and pictures taken over the years.   It details the role of Manassas in the Civil War, its growth into a city during the 1970's and more.  A delightful historical read.

Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, Or How I Learned About Love And Life From A Blind Wonder Cat

by Gwen Cooper

This has to be one of the most beautiful books I've ever read.  Ms. Cooper adopted little Homer as a tiny kitten.  He was only a baby when a terrible infection required the vet to remove his eyes.  Yet, tiny Homer had no problems without his sight.   I have a soft spot for black cats like Homer, so reading Homer's story was a sheer joy to me.  His feistiness, his strength and his deep capacity for love remind me so much of my first cat and feline soul mate, Magic.   I recommend this wonderful book to any cat lover!

Soul of the Indian: an Interpretation

by Charles Alexander Eastman

I have a fondness for my Native American Indian heritage.  This book was an absolute delight to read!   It originally came out in the early 1900's, so its style is a bit old fashioned (which I adore!).  It explains in great detail various aspects of life of the Native American Indian.   What intrigued me most was the religious aspect.   Although some of the core beliefs are different, Native American faith shares a lot with Christianity, which thrilled me.   I think most Christians, including me, could learn much from our Native ancestors on how to worship our Heavenly Father.

Stealing Heaven

by Marion Meade

The story of famous French lovers, Abelard and Heloise is brought to life in this enchanting book.   Their illicit romance was tragic, yet the love they shared was greatly inspiring.  Although their story happened hundreds of years ago, it is ageless.  There is also a book that complies the love letters that Abelard and Heloise exchanged during separation in their relationship, written by a different author.


Living a Beautiful Life

by Alexandra Stoddard

This is another book about slowing down and enjoying life while adding beauty to it.  Yes, I read a lot of books on that topic, when I find them.   I believe that life is too fast paced today.  We need to slow down, enjoy our life and the people in it, and treat ourselves well.  This book teaches the reader how to do just that.

Simple Abundance

by Sarah Ban Breathnach

This is a wonderful book to help the reader learn to enjoy life and be good to herself.  It is set up like a devotional, with daily readings.  It is full of great ideas and inspiration!  


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