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"The perfect place for imperfect people."  This is the motto for the North Arundel Church in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  A wonderfully unique church, NAC maintains a very casual, welcoming atmosphere.  The church is known for its pastor's fondness for motorcycles and their riders, so bikers make up a large part of the congregation.  The worship style of this church is contemporary, including music played with acoustic, bass and electric guitars, drums, and keyboards.  The talented team sings such uplifting songs as "Blessed be Thy Name", "Kindness", and "Open the Eyes of my Heart."  The congregation was invited to sing along, and sing they did! Many sang along with lyrics that were displayed on an overhead projector, others danced, and others reverently raised their hands in worship.  The worship time is full of uninhibited enthusiasm and joy of people savoring the presence of God.  The pastor's sermon was called "Believers and Fellowship: What Makes It Work?"  A thought-provoking sermon, Senior Pastor James Pope discussed how Christians best can relate to other people by seeing them as God sees them, without judging others by external appearances.  Something we all need to remember!  He preached with humor and wisdom, and is a great speaker.  This church also offers a large variety of ministries and classes, such as a monthly coffeehouse setting, "Finding My Ministry" class, effective parenting seminar and more.  Truly North Arundel Church is a wonderful place for all who wish to enjoy a very non-traditional church experience!



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