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Margaret says,

"Thank you for your site. I have learned a great deal and worked out that my 92 year old mother is definitely in the narcissistic personality disorder category."

Rating: 10


Cindy says,

"As I was reading "Emerging From The Chrysalis," I kept exclaiming to myself, "That's my mom, too!!!"   And not in a good way.   More in a, "I can't believe that these women were allowed to be around children, much less have their own!" sort of way.  From Cynthia's mother criticizing her weight to her mother controlling her and who she saw to her mother's over criticisms.  How nothing is ever good enough or right.   It was sometimes painful to read (because I just wanted to grab Cynthia and hug her and tell her that she is good enough, and that she does not deserve to be treated the way she was!).   Other times I felt myself giving Cynthia a fist pump, like when she stood up to her mother.   It's sad that she knows what it's like to grow up believing that you are the one with the problem.   Instead, it's our mothers who are the flawed ones, who will never be happy with themselves.   So they end up making us feel as miserable as they are.  In the end, Cynthia is a true survivor."

Rating: 10


Diz says,

"I read everything and everything you said I've discovered and have. I feel like I know you."


Anonymous says,

"God has helped me to heal from my narcissistic mother's abuse, but also the information you share and your encouragement have helped me a great deal."


Ellie Says,

"You're clearly an awesome person who is doing what she has been called to do by her faith. I'm not a religious person although I do believe Jesus was real. I am something of a pantheist, I think that is a word. I make sense of the world through astrology and I am something of a pagan I suppose. I do look at the religions and they are all about love and that's ok by me. Your site feels very warm, accepting and encouraging and I salute you because you seem to me to be a very pure Christian, sharing things that will help. I am very impressed that you are still in contact with your mother and think that shows enormous strength and consciousness. I will be posting on your forum so I will see you there. 

Happy New Year to you and yours."

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