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The Narcissist's Arsenal


No abuser is without weapons, and the narcissistic mother is no exception.  In that arsenal are things that make their victims feel powerless, useless, stupid, trapped, destroy self-esteem and more.   The strange things is many abusers use the same weapons, whether or not that abuser is your parent, significant other, friend, relative or even coworker.


I have created a list of some common weapons those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder use, along with some suggestions on coping with them. I have experience in all of these areas, and I hope what I have learned will help you!


Please read through them all, so that you may be well equipped!


Compassion For Others, But Not For You

Creating Anxiety And Fear

Double Bind Situations 

Flying Monkeys

Gaslighting/Crazy Making



Narcissistic Supply And Narcissistic Rage



Smear Campaign

The Silent Treatment


Withholding Love


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