I have decided to share some of my writing for free. You may download as many or as few e-books and booklets as you like unless otherwise specified.

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“Four Steps To Conquering Depression”

Title is pretty self-explanatory, I think. Several things I learned to help battle situational depression.

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“How To Honor A Difficult Parent”

Following the commandment to honor your parent when your parent is difficult or even abusive can feel impossible. This ebook will help you learn what it truly means to honor your parent God’s way.

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“No, You’re Not Crazy! Facts About Invalidation”

Has anyone ever told you that you were overreacting?  That you were too sensitive, making a mountain out of a molehill?  That you did not know what you were talking about, in spite of you having all of the facts?

Do you tend to trivialize your own feelings? Minimize your own accomplishments, needs or desires?  That, too, is a form of invalidation. It is often learned in childhood, and continues into adulthood out of habit.  It also can be learned from a verbally, mentally or emotionally abusive spouse, and the habit is learned.

That is invalidation, in its simplest terms. Comments like that make you doubt yourself, doubt your perception of situations, and in its most severe cases, makes you doubt your own sanity. It is a form of psychological abuse- do not take it lightly!

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“Questions For Couples”

If you have been in a romantic relationship for a long time, then you know sometimes it can be challenging to create new and romantic times together. This e-booklet offers questions on many topics that a couple can ask each other. It promotes conversation and intimacy. Setting the right atmosphere, with candles, soft music, and maybe even wine, helps promote romance. Enjoy!

(This booklet is only available in .pdf format for ease of printing the questions. If you do not have Adobe reader, then go to www.adobe.com for the free download. For my husband and I, I printed them, cut each question out, and put them in a basket for each of us to draw at random to make a game of it.)

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“The Importance Of Forgiveness In Building Godly Character”

Information not only about the importance of forgiveness, but how to forgive even the most difficult people.

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“The Pain Of Being Your Parent’s Parent: There Is Hope!”

For many children of all ages, their parents expect them to be an equal- someone to confide in about marital and sexual problems, someone to cheer them when they feel down, and more. This booklet will help you break free of that dysfunction in your life.’

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“The Power Of Words”

Our words are containers of tremendous power. After all, God created the universe with merely the spoken word! Learn how to speak the right words, and stop speaking wrong ones.

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“The Tremendous Love Of God”

People of all ages and races, in various places in life, need a fresh revelation of the great love that God has for His children. Please read this booklet, no matter where you are in your life.

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“Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods”

Do you accept the opinions of other people readily? Do their opinions determine how you feel about yourself? Then you are putting people on the same level with God! Allow only Him to tell you who you are- He loves you so much, and longs for you to believe His word over that of people.

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“Toxic Shame”

Many people today live with feelings of guilt not only for things they have done, but for who they are. They feel faulty, flawed and more simply because they made mistakes. If that describes you, this booklet is for you!

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“Truth And Conflicts”

Many times, what you are arguing about is not really the problem. This booklet will help you get to the root cause, so you can stop having the same arguments over and over!

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“Wisdom For New Brides”

Many new brides believe that now that they are married, they no longer need their girlfriends. This is wrong! Women understand other women better than even the kindest, most understanding man ever  could. This booklet is designed to inspire these precious new brides to rekindle their old friendships, and treasure the ones they have maintained after their marriage.

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“You Aren’t One-Dimensional! You Are Multi-Faceted!”

Many people see themselves as only one thing- their skin color, their financial status, their occupation. This is so sad- God has created human beings with a great many facets to our personalities, and many gifts and talents!  This booklet is designed to help the readers discover their own gifts and interests.

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“My Life: The Story of a 1969 Plymouth”

This is the story of how God blessed me by sending a car that once belonged to my Granddad, then my Dad, to me over twenty-five years after I saw it last. Written from the car’s perspective.

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“Sherman’s Story”

This little story is about the life of my 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88. My fellow classic car fans out there should appreciate this one.

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I wrote this very short story to enter into a contest for 600 word stories, but changed my mind. When I found the company holding the contest would take all rights to the story and edit it, I changed my mind about entering it. Enjoy!

Cheryl Bates has been a prisoner in her own home for four years. An attempted carjacking in her driveway left her agoraphobic, in other words, afraid to leave her home. One day, she prayed for freedom. She received it in the form of a tiny, orange and white kitten.

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