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I write on various subjects, such as Christian living, animals, self-help, overcoming abuse, narcissism and some fiction.   I especially enjoy writing non-fiction books designed to help Christians who are engaged in or have survived various types of troubling or abusive situations.  It seems only right to me to use my own painful and difficult life experiences to help others.  I also enjoy writing what I like to call Christian Thrillers.  I love suspenseful, scary stories, and I also love Christian works, so I decided to combine the two for others who share my love of these two genres.  My books can be seen on my Books for Sale page.

****Books for sale are available in either paper or in ebook format. (If you prefer a different ebook format than what is offered here, you can convert these books easily by using Calibre software. It is completely free, and easy to use. Check it out at: http://calibre-ebook.com)****


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I have felt for a while that God was pointing me in the direction of YouTube.  I fought Him some since I've had a life long phobia of having my picture taken, thanks to my narcissistic mother instilling that in me.  Finally, I have stopped fighting (that is never a good idea!) and created my own YouTube channel.  Check it out here.

I am working on publishing two books in the very near future.  One will focus on covert narcissists and the other will be about narcissistic in-laws.  When they are published, I will be sharing links on this site as well as in my blog. 

I also have been creating some crochet patterns.  We all need a break from thinking about narcissism and emotional healing, right?  If you too are yarn obsessed, check them out here and scroll down past the non-fiction section.



You Can Make A Difference!

Would you like to help others? You can! I would like to compile a book of stories of survivors of various types of abuse, and how God helped them/is currently helping them to heal from their pain. If you have been in an abusive situation, then please, share your story with me for inclusion in this book, no matter what phase of healing you are in. Your story may change someone's life! It will be a free ebook on this site, available to inspire anyone who has been abused. Click here for more information.

Recent Book Releases:

"In Sheep's Clothing:  All About Covert Narcissists"

Do you know someone others think is very kind, caring and maybe even a bit naive, yet possesses a vicious side that only you have seen?  You may be in the presence of a covert narcissist. 
These evil people abuse in devious, sneaky ways while hiding behind a mask of kindness, martyrdom and innocence.  They are among the most dangerous people in society, yet they often go unnoticed.
"In Sheep’s Clothing: All About Covert Narcissists" will help you to learn to identify and cope with these dangerous people, as well as show you ways to heal from their abuse.
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"The Truth About Elderly Narcissists"


Contrary to popular belief, narcissists often do change.  As they age, they frequently become even more difficult and abusive.  

"The Truth About Elderly Narcissists" was created to help those who are faced with the unique challenges of dealing with or caring for elderly narcissists.

Buy this book by clicking here.

Buy this ebook by clicking here.


Some of you know, I love classic cars, and know a rather fair amount about repairing them.  I decided to write some articles on the topic.  Check out some of my articles at www.Experts123.com:

This page belongs to a lifelong friend of mine. It is about her battle with the horrible disease, RSD/CRPS. Please check it out.




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