This page was made to lighten the mood a bit.  With a topic as dark and depressing as narcissism, you have to find laughs where you can, after all.  I also created some memes that are more serious and have a more educational value.  They are on a separate page, because the content may be triggering to some folks.

**Images on this page may be used freely without my permission, so long as you keep the copyright notice at the bottom of each picture, and do not edit it out.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!**

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Always remember this.. providing narcissistic supply is feeding them, and you don’t want to do that!  The more you provide, the more they demand from you!


Want to entertain yourself while on the phone with your narcissistic mother?  Narcissistic Mother Bingo is one way to do that.




While narcissistic rage is far from funny, this chart may help to lighten the topic up a little.



They all seem to use this, don’t they?



Pretty sure this is exactly what they think…



One of my wonderful blog followers came up with this.  The reader didn’t want to make this meme or take credit for it, so this person encouraged me to make it instead.  


Do you like Jeff Foxworthy?  I do!  His “you might be a redneck” jokes always make me laugh.  This is my spin on those jokes.



Some humor at the flying monkeys’ expense.. 😉