There is precious little information out there for male abuse survivors.  I assume because society thinks men cannot be abused for whatever naive reason.  This is untrue and also utterly foolish.

To those of you men reading this, I am so sorry for whatever happened to bring you to my website today.  Please know there is hope though, and you can heal.

Please also do NOT think you are weak for being abused.  Abusers abuse anyone that is available.  That does not mean you were weak, it means you were available.  Big difference!

I know it is very hard to talk about your experiences, but if you would like to, I have a Facebook group full of caring, intelligent, strong, non-judgmental men and women who also have been abused.  You are welcome to join us there.  Simply click on the link above or search for “Fans Of Cynthia Bailey-Rug” on Facebook.

You are also welcome to look around on my site for information.  This link is for adults with abusive or problem parents.  This link includes a lot of information for those who have been through narcissistic abuse or suspect their abuser has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I admit, my site is slightly aimed more towards women than men, but that is because that is who the bulk of my readers are.  That does not mean that the information cannot help you too, though.  It is all the same for men or women.

I hope this site helps you.  May God bless you!