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My name is Cynthia Bailey-Rug, and I am an author.  I write from a Christian perspective, and cover topics such as Christian living, animals, self-help, overcoming narcissistic abuse, narcissism and a little fiction.  I especially enjoy writing non-fiction books designed to help Christians who are currently suffering through or have survived narcissistic abuse.  It seems only right to me to use my own painful and difficult life experiences to help others. 


My books can be seen on my Books for Sale page.

****Books for sale are available in either paper or in ebook format. (If you prefer a different ebook format than what is offered, you can convert these books easily by using Calibre software. It is completely free, and easy to use. Check it out at: http://calibre-ebook.com)****

If you prefer not to order books online, I am willing to accept a payment via PayPal, check or money order/  I will email the ebooks you want or mail the print books via media mail (cheaper) or Priority mail (faster), whichever your preference.  Simply email me at CynthiaBaileyRug@aol.com

Do not forget to check out my page for The Butterfly Project.  I created The Butterfly Project as a way to encourage survivors of narcissistic abuse as well as to help raise awareness of this terrible problem.


***What’s New***


I have decided to get into the podcast market.  I prefer making them to YouTube videos, so I probably will abandon videos.  I will leave my YouTube channel up so anyone who wants to access the videos I have made can do so.  I also may make the occassional video to share, I’m not sure yet.  However, my focus will be much less on videos and more on podcasts.  Check out my podcasts here:  www.anchor.fm/CynthiaBaileyRug

I also have made available the notes that I used in my videos and podcasts.  They are available at this link.

I have created my first (probably only..lol) Amazon Alexa skill!  It’s free!  The skill is called, “Narcissism Facts By Cynthia Bailey-Rug”.  It is available at this link.

Currently, there is a lot happening in my life so I am not as focused on writing books as usual.  That will change once things calm down some!  At that time, I hope to create a series of small books about narcissism and narcissistic abuse sometime in the near future..  Each book in the series will address only one aspect of either Narcissistic Personality Disorder or narcissistic abuse (gaslighting, projection, etc.).  My goal is to help those who are new to learning about narcissism as well as those who are still in a relationship with the narcissist in their life.  I think each topic being a small, easy to read book might be easier for some folks than reading a larger book due to how overwhelming narcissists can be to their victim.  



You Can Make A Difference!

Would you like to help others?  You can! I would like to compile a book of stories of survivors of various types of abuse, and how God helped them/is currently helping them to heal from their pain.  If you have been in an abusive situation, then please, share your story with me for inclusion in this book, no matter what phase of healing you are in. Your story may change someone’s life!  It will be a free ebook on this site, available to inspire anyone who has been abused. Click here for more information.


Recent Book Releases:



“When A Narcissistic Parent Dies: Expanded Version”

Losing a parent is an incredibly painful and difficult experience under the best of circumstances.  Losing a narcissistic parent is not only painful and difficult, but also filled with complicated emotions and circumstances.

“When a Narcissistic Parent Dies: Expanded Version” was originally written to help readers find ways to cope during this challenging time, deal with those who do not understand, and make difficult decisions such as whether or not to visit a dying parent or attend the funeral. More information was later added later to these issues as well as what to do if designated personal representative.

Book written from a Christian perspective.

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“Regrettably Related: A Guide to Toxic In-laws”


Do you struggle to get along with any of your in-laws? Is nothing you do good enough? Is this person simply toxic? You may be dealing with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

“Regrettably Related: A Guide to Toxic In-laws” offers a Christian perspective on this incredibly challenging situation. In this book, you will learn what you can expect from toxic in-laws, ways to cope with their abusive behavior, things to consider if you are contemplating ending the relationship and also ways to cope with a spouse who sees no problems with the situation.

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“When Love Hurts: Loving A Narcissist”

Do you wonder what is wrong with your marriage?  Is your spouse extremely self centered, manipulative and just plain mean?  If so, you may be married to a narcissist.

“When Love Hurts: Loving a Narcissist” offers a Christian perspective on this difficult situation.  It also will teach you about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, identifying narcissists, ways to cope with their abusive behavior and help you decide whether to stay or leave. 

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