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My name is Cynthia Bailey-Rug, and I am an author.  I write from a Christian perspective, and cover topics such as Christian living, animals, self-help, overcoming narcissistic abuse, narcissism and a little fiction.  I especially enjoy writing non-fiction books designed to help Christians who are currently suffering through or have survived narcissistic abuse.  It seems only right to me to use my own painful and difficult life experiences to help others. 

My books can be seen on my Books for Sale page.  Books for sale are available in either paper or in ebook format, many in both formats.

If you prefer not to order books online, I am willing to accept a payment via PayPal, Zelle or money order.  I will email the ebooks you want or mail the print books via media mail (cheaper) or Priority mail (faster), whichever your preference.  I can autograph your print book too if you like, just ask.  Simply email me at CynthiaBaileyRug@aol.com

Currently, my print publisher says that they expect delays in printing and shipping books due to some supply chain issues.  They estimate it’ll take about three weeks for customers to receive ordered books.  If you prefer to get your order quicker, email me  and I can help.  I have copies that I can ship immediately.

Do not forget to check out my site for The Butterfly Project.  I created The Butterfly Project as a way to encourage survivors of narcissistic abuse as well as to help raise awareness of this terrible problem.

***What’s New***


I  have decided to get back into something I enjoy – making all natural beauty products and perfumes.  You can see my product line and place an order at Heaven Scent Creations.

My newest book is now available!!  “How Close is Too Close: When Close Families are Dysfunctional” explores the complexities of families who are too deeply involved in each others’ lives and offers suggestions to cope with this toxic behavior.   You can buy this book by clicking here


You Can Make A Difference!

Would you like to help others?  You can! I would like to compile a book of stories of survivors of various types of abuse, and how God helped them/is currently helping them to heal from their pain.  If you have been in an abusive situation, then please, share your story with me for inclusion in this book, no matter what phase of healing you are in. Your story may change someone’s life!  It will be a free ebook on this site, available to inspire anyone who has been abused. Click here for more information.