A well cared for dog is a happy dog.  Below are a few tips to help keep you and your dog living happily together for many years.

  1. Spay/neuter your dog around six months of age.  The lack of the hormones produced by your dog’s reproductive system will result in a happier, healthier, better behaved dog.  He also will be more obedient.
  2. Provide your dog with plenty of exercise. Some dogs require a lot of daily exercise, others, not so much, but they all need some form of exercise every day.  Take your dog on a walk, play fetch, or play tug of war with a toy or piece of rope.
  3. Be firm, consistent, yet loving in your training methods. Dogs need this!  They are very social animals who require a leader, or else they will become the leader.  Read Be The Leader Of Your Pack! for further information.
  4. Don’t forget to reward good behavior.  Like people, dogs like to be appreciated and loved.
  5. Provide your dog with a well fitting collar with a name tag.  Tag should include your dog’s name, and your current telephone number.
  6. Annual check-ups with a good veterinarian are ideal.  Follow his directions for caring for your dog.
  7. Clip toenails regularly.  Neglected nails can be very uncomfortable for your dog, or even grow into the pads on his feet, causing pain and infections.
  8. Groom him.  Regular brushing and bathing keeps his coat healthy and beautiful.
  9. Talk to your dog!  They understand our words, not merely the tone of voice we use.  Tell your dog no, that particular behavior is unacceptable.  Tell your dog he is a good boy for doing another behavior.  Tell him often how much you love him and are proud of him.