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Cat Play Tunnel Crochet Pattern


Your cat or other small pet will spend hours in his or her own private play tunnel. This pattern is a favorite for cats in particular, but many other small pets enjoy it too.

The pattern works up quickly and effortlessly. It also is easily customizable. It can be made for small pets like guinea pigs to larger ones like cats or small dogs. Instructions are included for making the guinea pig size, average cat size, larger cat size and for adapting the pattern to any other size you may want.

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Superhero Cape Crochet pattern

This quick and easy crochet pattern makes an adorable cape for the super hero in your life!

It is easily customizable. It can be adapted to fit anyone from small child to large adult. You also can use any color or colors you like, add the hat or not, or change the hat to suit your preference.

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Tuxedo Sweater for Dogs Crochet Pattern

Even the most debonair dogs get cold sometimes.  Keep your dashing guy warm with this cozy and sophisticated sweater.  The pattern works up quickly and is easy to make in basic crochet stitches.  Your guy can go through cold weather in style in no time!

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Cuddly Kittens Scarf

This cute scarf pattern makes a great gift for the cat lover in your life. It works up quickly, and can be made as large or small as you like. The pattern is written according to how I made it in the picture, but feel free to use a larger or smaller hook to make the kitties look different, or make it longer, shorter, narrower or wider. Whatever you like will work up easily and beautifully, so be inventive!

You also can use this basic pattern to make a pillow, afghan, squares, washcloths and more. The pattern is very easily adaptable to any size. The only limit is your creativity!

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Butterflies And Rainbows Tote

This lovely pattern is much easier to make than you may think, and can be used to create a variety of unique, personalized and functional totes. The tote pattern is large, but easily can be adapted to make a much smaller or even larger tote with only minor changes.

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White Squirrel

Squirrels are one of the cutest creatures on Earth.  After I saw a white squirrel, I developed a new appreciation for them, and created this pattern.  If you also appreciate squirrels, then you will enjoy making this adorable pattern.

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Gnome Mushroom House

My fellow gnome lovers will enjoy the cute appeal of this quick to make gnome home.  It was created to be a toilet tissue cover, but it does not have to be used for that purpose.  It would be very cute as a knick knack.

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Marie’s Doily Or Rug

This vintage looking pattern is very adaptable. It can be made into a delicate and small doily, a larger doily or even an area rug. Whatever project you chose to create with this pattern, it will work up easily and quickly.

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