Do you have a picture you would like made into a cross stitch pattern?  Maybe you prefer a graph for a crochet or knit afghan.  I can make these!

If you’re interested in having me make a pattern from a picture you have created, please email me at  Send me a copy of your picture, and tell me what type of pattern you want (cross stitch, crochet, or knit).  If I can make your picture into a pattern, I will let you know promptly.  I also will send you a bill via PayPal for $10 (US dollars), and once payment has been received, I will create then email your pattern in .pdf (adobe reader) format.  It may take a few days to send your pattern.  Creating patterns is something I do for fun, not my main focus, so if I am busy writing a book, otherwise committed or if the picture involves a lot of detail (such as many colors), it may take a little time to create for you.  I will let you know how long once I see the picture, though, so if you prefer not to wait too long, you aren’t obligated to buy it.

**Please keep in mind that crochet and knit patterns need to be much less detailed than cross stitch patterns due to the nature of each craft.  I only create pictures for cross stitch.  For crochet or knit, simple patterns such as shapes are best.**

Here are two cross stitch patterns that I have created.

The original picture:

And, here is the graph:

To download this free pattern, click on this link


Below is another picture I created.  This is the original picture and the picture with the background erased:


And the graph pattern:

To download this free pattern, click on this link