This page contains my rather rare ventures into creating fictional stories.  I also have included a wonderful children’s story written by a dear friend of mine.  


Christian Thrillers:

“Sins of the Father”

When a good, all-American, Christian family man is discovered to have tortured seven men to death, no one is more stunned than his devoted, yet naive wife, and their two children.

Only when his crimes are discovered does he divulge the horrors of being born into a Satanic cult, which drove him to kill.

This is a story of the power of God to carry His children with love and strength through even the most painful circumstances.

***Subject matter may be disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.***

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“The Christian Woman’s Guide To Killing Her Husband”

Lily Hamilton and Melanie Brooks are best friends with a lot in common. Both are devoted Christians, both love antiques and books, and both are married to men who put their families ahead of their wives. Steve’s domineering mother, Joanne, never tries to disguise her hatred of Lily. Mark takes care of his little sister, even if that means hurting Melanie or losing their home.

After several years, both Lily and Melanie are fed up. In a moment of frustration, they decide the only way to solve the trouble with their husbands is to kill them. They create a plan for the perfect murder. Soon after, their husbands die exactly has they had planned.

Did these women kill their husbands? Or is it a case of divine intervention?

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For Children:

“Izzy And The Tree With A Voice”

***I cannot take credit for this cute book- it was written by a good friend of mine.***

This is the beautiful story of a tree with a voice, and the little six-year-old girl named Izzy who becomes her friend.

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