I love classic and unique cars.  These are pictures I have taken of some of those cars.


In 2017, my husband and I went to Pennsylvania to meet up with an online friend and his wife.  On the way, we saw this 1969 Plymouth VIP (“Very Important Plymouth”).  Talk about a rare car!  I have never seen one in person before or since.  Even in this sad state, the beauty of this car still shows.  My 1969 Fury looks very similar to this car because this was the top of the line Fury.




In December, 2017, my husband and I went to Cooter’s in Virginia.  I always have been a big fan of the old tv show, “The Dukes Of Hazard” so seeing these cars was a lot of fun!




In July, 2014, my husband and I were driving home past a local car dealer when I saw this.  We turned around to check it out just as someone was moving it to a new parking place.  It turned out to be an actual General Lee used in the “Dukes Of Hazard” tv show and one of the tv movies!  Since this car always has been my favorite celebrity car, I had to get pictures and luckily the fellow moving it was fine with this.  Sadly, it went to auction a couple of days later and I never saw it again.  Hopefully it is somewhere with someone who loves it and appreciates its beauty.

Even had a replica license plate! 

440 cid engine!!!!  


We saw this one at a car show in the summer of 2018.  A 1939 Chevy, much like my father’s first car (except his was falling apart.. lol).  He always had fond memories of his car.


Ok, maybe the Geo Metro is not a classic.. but this one is unique!  Unfortunately the picture did not turn out so well because I took it as my husband was driving.