There is a great deal of beauty to be found in nature.  I was able to capture some of that beauty in these pictures.



Autumn is my favorite season.  I took this picture of my neighbor’s tree one fall.  It looks just magnificent as it changes colors!


Something about how the sun reflected off the few remaining leaves in the woods behind my house with the dark fall sky as a contrast struck me as beautiful.


A rainbow in the early fall, in I think it was 2014.



Winter is my next favorite season.  This snowstorm made the back yard seem so serene & beautiful.



In early 2016, we had quite a bit of snow.  One night I looked outside and saw my butterfly light lit up in spite of being covered in snow.  It was a pretty but somewhat eerie sight.


January, 2019 brought some especially cold temperatures for my area.  Early one morning I caught this frost on the storm window in my kitchen.  It looked so delicate and beautiful!

The Moon

A lovely shot of the moon…


Flowers, Trees

Hubby surprised me with pink roses several years ago.  They were so pretty I had to take a picture.


My late grandmother had yellow irises in her yard.  She gave some bulbs to my father who gave me some.  The acidic soil at my house has turned them all to lavender except this one little beauty.


This tree is at Fort Smallwood Park in Pasadena, Maryland.  It has been dead for several years, but still stands.  There is something very pretty about it to me.