I love cemeteries.  They have a serenity and peace about them, as well as a great deal of history saved on the headstones and grave markers.  Although not many folks share my fondness for cemeteries, enough do that I thought it would be a good idea to share some pictures.  I hope you enjoy them!


I have tried to block out the names on all grave markers out of respect for the surviving family members, so please pardon the blurs.  


These pictures were taken at Ashbury United Methodist Church cemetery where my high school Spanish teacher that I adored is buried.  It is a truly beautiful place, hidden in the woods of Arnold, Maryland.



These pictures come from Cedar Hill cemetery in Brooklyn Park, Maryland.  Although off a major highway, it is surprisingly peaceful and beautiful.


These pictures were taken across the street from Cedar Hill Cemetery at Holy Cross Cemetery.  It is a local, well known Catholic cemetery.

I am unsure of what this building is, but since it had no name or date, I feel safe assuming it is not a tomb.. maybe a maintenance building?  In any case, it is old & fascinating looking!


Very old granite headstones… 



These pictures were taken where some of my husband’s mother’s family is buried in Sykesville, Maryland.  This hilltop cemetery is just stunning and quite old.


Valley View Cemetery in Bristow, Virginia is where my paternal grandparents are buried along with some other relatives.  I am reasonably sure it is among the most beautiful places on Earth.  🙂 

This is the view when you face my grandparents’ headstone.  My husband’s truck is not always blocking part of the beauty.. lol

My grandparents’ headstone.. two of my favorite people ever.  

Looking across the street from the cemetery.

Also across the street, and including a portion of the cemetery.

Some of the older headstones in the cemetery.